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Impact and Fulfillment with Coach Mike D

Use this resource to jumpstart your enthusiasm while Maximizing your Impact and Optimizing your Fulfillment in Life!

Be Blessed, Well and Wise!

Jan 29, 2024

The inspiration for this episode was a recent viral clip I ran across of Kid N Play, the famed Hip Hop group from the 1980's-90's. Take a quick listen and let me know if you feel the same. Have an amazing day. Grab a copy of my book:

Jan 22, 2024

Episode 358 dives into a conversation I had on another platform with Skincare specialist Sybil Bailey on finding Purpose and the importance of having healthy skin. Visit her business:

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Jan 15, 2024

Episode 357 Challenges you to incorporate some of the wisdom used by pilots to navigate the turbulence in life. 

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Jan 8, 2024

Episode 356 challenges YOU to make life better for others!!!! We're keeping it simple with this one. Make sure to grab a copy of my book The 33 Laws of Impact & Fulfillment


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