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Impact and Fulfillment with Coach Mike D

Use this resource to jumpstart your enthusiasm while Maximizing your Impact and Optimizing your Fulfillment in Life!

Be Blessed, Well and Wise!

Feb 27, 2023

Episode 311 of "Impact & Fulfillment w/ Coach Mike D" is a quick message to remind YOU to stop holding that thing in!!! It's time, it's past time to LET IT OUT!!!!! Start the Journey Now. Share, Comment and Subscribe to this podcast on your favorite listening platform.

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Feb 20, 2023

Episode 310 of "Impact & Fulfillment w/ Coach Mike D" is a quick reminder for YOU to "Do" and not "Delay" what's important in life. The recent death of my good friend Darron Sargent is a firm reminder that we do NOT have unlimited time...make the moments count. Be Blessed, Well and Wise. Please...

Feb 13, 2023

Episode 309 of Impact and Fulfillment w/ Coach Mike D dives into how "Exogenous" vs "Endogenous" systems and solutions work in your life. This is a MUST LISTEN!!!! So often we place our Peace in "Exogenous" Solutions/systems when it is more important for us to develop internal solutions to our...

Feb 6, 2023

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This is a special Episode of Impact & Fulfillment w/ Coach Mike D. I'm releasing a convo w/ my brother James Lopez, the creator of "Fatherhood is Lit". He and I had a collab project entitled, "We do it for our...