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Impact and Fulfillment with Coach Mike D

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Be Blessed, Well and Wise!

Dec 4, 2017

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Today we have the pleasure of chatting with my Friend Naeem Mulkey.  Naeem was a finalist on this season of American Ninja Warrior.  Click here to check out a Clip: Episode 10 Cleveland Finals

As we dive into his life and journey; you'll get a chance to hear that the obstacles he faced running the Ninja Course weren't the only obstacles he faced.  He overcame a traumatic Medical issue just Days before running the course, yet was undeterred and ended up making it to the Finals!

Naeem is a Husband and father to 2 beautiful little boys.  The story and Journey of this Crossfit Enthusiast and Medical Sales Professional is definitely bound to inspire and motivate the masses.

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Be Blessed, Well and Wise!