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Black Fathers, NOW!

Enjoy, Comment and Share this wisdom with fellow Black Fathers!  "We're Bringing the Village to the Brotha's"

Be Blessed, Well and Wise!

Mike D

Jul 29, 2019

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Episode 121 will Challenge YOU to be Confident in Embracing Who YOU are.  How YOU Move is HOW YOU are designed...

Jul 22, 2019


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Episode 120 is a Dynamic Conversation with an even more Dynamic Brother; Andre C. Hatchett.  This Entrepreneur and Teacher shares how he overcame the misdiagnosis of a...

Jul 15, 2019


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Episode 119 is a Quick Message that is going to Challenge YOU!!!  When YOU Feel Compelled to do something, DO IT!  Question it Later...but Do it NOW.

This is a very...

Jul 8, 2019


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Episode 118 is a Dynamic Conversation with a True Chicago Renaissance Man, Curtis Nugin Sr.

Jul 1, 2019


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Episode 117 will challenge YOU to assess how you view Advice from others.  After listening to various "Experts"...