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Black Fathers, NOW!

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Be Blessed, Well and Wise!

Mike D

Jun 24, 2019


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For Episode 116 of "Black Fathers, NOW!" we are joined by Speech Thomas, AKA "Speech" founder of the Group, Arrested Development!

Speech is a proud Husband and Father who happens to also be a multi Grammy Award winner, Entrepreneur, Writer, Producer and Documentary Film maker.  He and his wife created an Art School in Georgia and he can still be found touring the world as the leader of Arrested Development.  This conversation is Loaded with Wisdom and insight, therefore get your Pens or note taking devices ready!!!!

We discuss:

-The system not being enough to sustain you...

-Entrepreneurial Seeds being planted early in his life...

-How his Parents chose He and his Brother over their Problems...

-The Importance of God's Divine order...

and So Much more...

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