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Black Fathers, NOW!

Enjoy, Comment and Share this wisdom with fellow Black Fathers!  "We're Bringing the Village to the Brotha's"

Be Blessed, Well and Wise!

Mike D

Apr 23, 2018


Today's Guest is Pastor Derick Wakefield of Freedom Fellowship Christian Church in Knoxville, TN.

We have a deep discussion about his life and how he developed the will to honor his father through his imperfections.  A few concepts we discuss are:


Apr 16, 2018

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Our Guest is "The Black Therapist" Arron Muller.  He's a Husband, Father and Social Worker from New York.  He's also the Chief Operating Officer and Therapist at Life Matters Psychological Services...

Apr 9, 2018

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Our Guest is non other than Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Podcaster and founder of

Jay Jones.  Jay drops some serious Game that we can put into practice RIGHT NOW!  We rap about:

-balancing being a father and an...

Apr 2, 2018

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This Quick Episode asks the simple Question; What Messages are YOU sending?  I use a reference from the Movie "Pootie Tang" to drive the point home. 


Mar 26, 2018

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Our Guest for this episode is Nathan Fluellen, also known as "World Wide Nate".  Nate is a World Citizen who happens to periodically reside in Los Angeles in between his treks to more than 60-Countries around the World!!!  This brother is originally...